How to Choose Between All-Weather Floor Mats vs. Carpet in Your Vehicle

Our crew at Thompson Hyundai wants to help you understand ways to transform the interior of your vehicle. Here is why you should choose the all-weather floor mats or carpeting for the interior of your vehicle.

Choose all-weather floor mats when you live in an area of the country where rain or snow occurs more than the average, or if you plan to travel to sandy or muddy destinations for some weekend recreation. When you constantly track mud or dirt in the vehicle, these mats are ideal because they can be cleaned quickly by simply running a hose over them.

If you want to preserve the interior of the vehicle but maintain your high-class style, then carpeting is the way to go. This unique accessory comes in a variety of colors to match the interior, but it also can be selected in different styles and personalized with your name or the make and model of the vehicle too. Be sure you call our Hyundai parts center when you need these or other accessories for your vehicle.



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