Does Your AWD Transfer Case Need Servicing?

Shifting in and out of all-wheel drive should be smooth and easy. If you've noticed difficulty or slippage, it may be time to have the transfer case on your vehicle serviced. It may need a lubricant exchange or a worn internal part replaced.

The transfer case manages the engine's engagement with your AWD vehicle's wheels. It dynamically transfers its energy to the wheels that have the most traction as you drive over difficult terrain. When it's lubricant leaks or breaks down, the gears and moving parts inside of it can wear out prematurely. This causes slippage and hesitation.

Our automotive technicians here at Thompson Hyundai have the equipment and experience to take care of any problems you may be having with your vehicle's transfer case. Bring it to our service center in Baltimore, MD or schedule an appointment to have it inspected!

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