Cooling System Maintenance Keeps Your Vehicle from Running Too Hot

Your engine generates a tremendous amount of heat. That is why there is a built-in cooling system in order to keep it at acceptable operating temperature. But this cooling system is under quite a bit of stress throughout its operation and does require its own maintenance in order to keep it going.

A cooling system flush involves draining the entire system, attaching a hose to both ends of the system which is then power flushed. A new coolant mix will then be pushed through the system. This flush procedure will not only get the old coolant out and replaced with new coolant, but it also will flush out any rust, dirt, or any other buildup that may have accumulated over time.

If it is time for you to have a coolant flush done on your car, truck or SUV, then bring it into our service department here at Thompson Hyundai and let us get you all taken care of.

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