Can Extreme Temperatures Cause My Battery to Fail?

The more extreme the weather, the harder the battery has to work to crank over the car or just keep it running. Here is how those extreme temperatures will have an effect on your car battery.

Just like you, the car battery needs more time to get moving in extreme cold temperatures. As the liquids begin to solidify in the casing, it could result in swelling that may damage the battery. Once this begins to happen, the sooner you get it checked out the better.

In very hot temperatures, evaporation could leave the battery without the right about of fluids needed to cause the chemical reaction to crank over the car. If the capacity is damaged by extreme heat, it cannot be restored to its original condition. At the first sign of trouble, come to Thompson Hyundai so we can do testing to make sure the battery still can perform effectively. If it cannot, we can replace your car's battery on your behalf.

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