Several Factors Playing Into the True Cost of Vehicular Ownership

Many people own vehicles - truly a necessity for those who work, go to school, have kids, or go buy groceries - but some fail to consider all costs associated with the outright ownership or financing of vehicles. This post uncovers some of the most common costs of vehicular ownership.

Insurance is mandatory in 48 states, with a minimum of liability insurance required to fix the not-at-fault party's vehicle if you get in an accident. It's almost always $100 monthly if not several hundred.

Following purchase, you must register your vehicle. The purchase price is multiplied times local and state tax rates, in turn allowing you to drive legally, with the license plate in tow.

Even if you're a math whiz, it's likely you'll miscalculate or omit at least one line item in determining the true cost of financing or outright owning a vehicle. That's exactly why you should take our help at Thompson Hyundai to figure out the real cost of owning your vehicle, or one or more you're interested in.

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