How Tire Rotations Save You Money in the Long Run

Here at Thompson Hyundai, our team always looks for ways to help our customers save money. Did you know that preventative Hyundai maintenance can go a long way toward saving you money? The simple act of rotating your tires consistently can actually save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars over the course of your ownership experience. When you only get new tires when you get a flat, consider all of these compelling benefits to getting your tires rotated every other oil change:

  • Getting the tires rotated every 6,000 miles means a tech can also get eyes on the rubber to see if there might be a potential problem they can fix so you aren't stuck on the road with a flat tire.
  • Each time you get the tires rotated, you extend the life of the rubber and you do not need to purchase brand new tires so often.
  • If the tires are allowed to keep wearing unevenly from front to back, it may eventually cause a strong vibration when driving the car.

At Thompson Hyundai, let our team give those tires a good once over and then rotate them so you are safely on your way. Stay safe in Baltimore, MD and beyond this holiday season with properly maintained tires!

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