Driveway Surfaces Are Better Paved With Salt And Sand Instead Of Kitty Litter During Winter

You might be looking for ways to keep your driveway from getting too slick during the winter, but if you're thinking of using kitty litter, think again. Yes, kitty litter is cheap, and if you do need something to get your wheels turning over a short distance, it's not a bad idea. But if you pave your driveway with it, it will get wet, slippery and smell bad and you'll have an even worse problem than you did before.

Paving Your Driveway With Salt Or Sand

Salt may be the best choice to put on your driveway if you want the toughest grip and ability to melt ice. But if you want something that's cheaper and that won't corrode your vehicle or harm your yard's grass, sand is a better option. Sand and kitty litter can both be stored in your trunk, but it's best not to store salt there.

You can do more to get your vehicle itself ready to run in the winter by visiting our dealership and having it looked at and adjusted accordingly. At Thompson Hyundai, we can give you winter tires, check your engine fluids and make sure your transmission is better equipped to handle the drive. Come by our dealership in Baltimore whenever we're open.
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