Obeying Move Over Laws Can Help Save Lives

Move over laws exist to protect law enforcement, first responders, and others on the road. In short, every state has a move over law that requires motorists to move to the side of the road so that first responders are safe from passing cars. This law may include tow-truck drivers in some instances. While each state’s laws may vary, they are essentially created with the safety of everyone on the road in mind.

Hundreds of people are killed on the highways and roads each year because drivers fail to yield. While there are explicit laws on the books for each state, they must continue to educate motorists and the public about what’s really at stake. A life is a terrible thing to lose. Learn the Move Over laws in your local community. Our dealership recommends that you remain courteous and alert while on the road. Other lives may very well depend on how well you observe move over laws.

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